Welcome to Vine Walk! I started this Christian blog for purposes of: 1) sharing what is on my heart; 2) let out that inner voice; and 3) to inspire others to seek God, to know who they are in Christ Jesus, and find their purpose in life. By gradually taking baby steps to seek God, we will find Him, He will change us, and we will grow from babies to mature warriors who have senses trained to discern good and evil and live righteously, in a Spirit led life!


I just want to say this…………We all see life differently. We all have different cultural backgrounds. We all have different beliefs of God. Mine is this: there’s only one God. We were created by Him for a purpose. Each one of us has our own purpose, which should be to glorify God in whichever way He leads us. At a time, we are going to die. There is life after death. Eternal life! Heaven and Hell! Jesus says in John 17:3, that eternal life is to know God, the only true God, and Jesus Christ (His son), whom He sent (on earth, to redeem us from sin). To know God, we need to seek Him, get to know more about Him, spend time with Him, walk in His ways, love Him with all our hearts, love others as we love ourselves, and obey all His commandments.

There is no half and half way about it. We CAN NOT be serving two masters, God and the Devil, things of this world, or SELF. Or whichever other way you see it. It is EITHER OR (Revelations 3:16). Good or Evil. Many of us have the mentality that half and half is okay. And in fact, many others just live their lives in a “whatever” kind of way, with no regards to making God the number one priority in their lives. And that is why God says that many of His people will perish because of lack of knowledge (wisdom). Ask yourself this and really think about it……Who is your Master? Who are you serving? Who are you walking with? Who’s feeding your thoughts and mind? God or the devil? Living and walking a Christlike life can not be done with our own strength, we will only get frustrated. We need Jesus. We do not need to be perfect at all. We only need to let Him into our lives and He will take on from there. No one is perfect to live a sinless life. But when you bring Christ into your life, and acknowledge Him day by day, you’ll begin to see the change He brings in you, growing day by day in fullness of His righteousness and glory.

My prayer for this blog is that God may use it to reach out to those in need of a word of encouragement and bring about change in hearts, to pursue Jesus/God. I also pray that Vine Walk may connect with like-minded individuals and organizations to work together to go and do above and beyond with reaching out and attending to those in need (spiritually, emotionally, mentally, physically), locally and globally.

Thanks for stopping by, and be blessed!

God Loves YOU!

-Em Jacqui-


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